Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Never a dull moment

Awhile ago I did a post that had a picture of a jelly dinosaur in my pantry. Remember it?

If not, here is what I am talking about:


Everyday, it seems like I find things in places they don’t belong. My darlings leave reminders for me all over my our house that they are there. Or have been there. Or will be there to retrieve something they misplaced.

My twin is staying with us right now until her house—THAT SHE IS BUYING ON HER OWN—closes at the beginning of July. She constantly giggles about the things she finds. There is a Gus-Gus in the duck bathroom, in the duck toothbrush holder. I will take a picture of that another time. I’m sure it’s still there.

For now…how about this:


Yep. A flip flop in the cabinet where I keep the pots and casserole dishes. I think I know why this is there. This cabinet is an easy one to use to climb up on the counter if you are say, a two-year-old that isn’t supposed to climb but does and it’s easier if you take your shoes off.

Other things I have around my house as little reminders of my littles?

In my closet, there are a set of handprints on my wall. Little and low to the ground. We haven’t painted the closet and even if I ever do…I won’t be able to paint over those handprints. They belonged to Stormy. When we moved into this house, she was only 18 months old. Those are her handprints.

What kind of reminders do you have all over your house that you have children there? Or what are some things you find in places you would never think would ever be there?