Thursday, June 16, 2011

A lucky unplanned shot…

I had the privilege of shooting one of my daughters’ ball teams pictures. I was totally stoked!

So we headed over to an area of the park for the pictures and I got the girls and the team all done. Stormy was her usual darling self..


That’s not the photo I used for her trader cards but you get the idea.

After I got done shooting The Reds {Stormy’s team}, I ran to Shayne’s game. I got there with enough time to see her team win.

I wanted to do Shayne’s individual pics so we headed out to where I did Stormy’s.

Shayne being Shayne did perfect. A photographer’s dream. She sits how you need her to. She bends and moves when you ask. Just perfect.

Here is one sample of what I got with her:


And then…I looked over at the field right in front of me. I told Shayne to start walking. So she did.

What did I get?


A few too beautiful for words images. See?


I didn’t plan for the gravel road to have kicked up all the dust. I didn’t plan for the haze that mixed with sunset and the dust to be just perfect…

It just was!


  1. The only thing better than a sunset one with a loved one basking in it! Great pics! (And I might add..Stormy is looking pretty darn cute herself!)

  2. Wow! These are beautiful (just like the girls)!!

  3. Amazing. Baseball. They're learning the love. Yay!