Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother’s Day…A heads up post.

A heads up post because…if you have looked at the calendar, you know that today is not Mother’s Day. Now why am I doing a heads up post?

Because Mother’s Day is a special day. Why?

Because it is an acknowledgement to Momma’s. It isn’t easy being a Mom. Trust me. It is one of the hardest things to be. And as far as salary goes…as long as you don’t need money, this is an awesome job. And the number of hours you put in is more than any other job in the world. And the appreciation of the daily stuff that Mom’s do is non-existent.

My past Mother’s Days have not been pleasant. I am surrounded by people that do get acknowledgement for being Momma’s. And my acknowledgment…isn’t even touched. I shouldn’t be jealous of others being told they are great Mom’s, but I am. Scratch that. I WAS.

I am going to look at this a little differently this year. Because if I don’t, I will just end up cranky and irritated and jealous and cranky…oh…I said that one already.

The view is changing though. How am I going to look at this differently?

I am going to make each of my darlings something special. It isn’t going to be anything big. Seriously. It may just be a simple card from me with a coupon in it. “Mom puts away all of your laundry today instead of asking you.”

What the heck am I talking about?!?!

I am thanking my darlings because I am their Mom. They make me Mom. Do you get it?

I might thank Paul too. Since you know, he also had something to do with the fact that I am a Mom. {ahem}

I said I might thank Paul. How many Mother’s Days do you think one can mess up and still come out in one piece?

Just wondering.

Anyways. If you are a Momma, then give your kids a squeeze. You wouldn’t get to celebrate this holiday without them in the way that Momma’s and their kids do. I am blessed.

I am also curious as to how Paul is going to haul his butt out of the fire he is going to put himself in on Sunday.

I will let you know how it ends. It will either be good for Paul. Or not.


Regardless of all that, I am going to be thankful and happy that I get a Mother’s Day at all.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to one of the best mommas I know!! For what it's worth, people always say being a parent is a thankless job. I personally don't agree with this because I happen to have had five of the most wonderful kids ever!I have also heard from many people what a great mom you are! Anyway, I hope you have the best Mother's Day ever!!