Friday, May 20, 2011

Connor’s first game…in pictures

He swings…and he hits

He runs and makes it a great single play and is safe on first base!

Now fielding is Connor—with Dad helping coach since he is in town.

After a good play, there are “gimme fives” being given!


And up to bat next {again} is Connor.


Another single. Connor makes it to first.


After the teammate behind him hits a single, Connor takes off for second base…


And then when he made it to third base…where Coach Dad is at, he leans in to give his Dad a hug and tell him, “I collllldddd Daddy.”

And then past home plate to the dugout where his cheering fans {his #1 fan is of course his Momma} are happy he didn’t run to third base first this time like he did the very first play. Which there aren’t any photos because the photographer {aka his #1 fan} was busy yelling to go the other way.

A good game at the ball fields this cold Saturday.

Except for the running the wrong way part.

Well…it wasn’t bad. It was kinda funny.

Says Ballplayer jersey #1’s #1 fan.


  1. Adorable! James started baseball this year and I can't wait until his games start next week :)

  2. fantastic shots! Way to go Connor!!!

  3. Ball games are our lives during summer...glad to see I'm not the only one! LOVE the first pic!

  4. A man after my own rocks.