Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A broken tradition.

Carrie. This is for you.

I’m sorry!

For those that are new to checking out this blog of mine, I traditionally put up my family’s birthday with a  little shout out. And Saturday, April 30th, I dropped the ball. Big time.

Not because I didn’t want to shout out to my sister-in-law and her son (my nephew). I really did think I had saved all my birthdays to auto-publish on the appropriate dates. My thinking was seriously wrong because none of the ones I have typed up recently are anywhere to be found on my computer or blog world. I don’t know what happened. Why do I have them set up to auto-publish? Not because I forget the birthday girl or boy’s actual birthday. It’s just because I have so many things I am juggling right now that one or two things is bound to slip thru the cracks. Which is what happened.

So Carrie Lynn…A very happy birthday to you. Not really belated since I did see you on your birthday. Just blog belated. So Happy Blogated birthday.

And because you are so lucky to have your birthday shared with someone you would do anything for…Happy birthday Nick.


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  1. Sorry your computer goofed. See, technology still needs help from us mere humans.