Friday, April 29, 2011

A few more random pics of the rest…

because if I didn’t then feelings would be hurt here on the home front.


Shayne has loved every young sibling she has. Yep…that’s Stormy as a baby with her big sister watching over her.



Most people forget that Paul even had hair! And my beautiful girl, Shayne.

012 (3)

Oh—my special boy Connor.


Shayne’s first Christmas. We still have that bear.

IMG_0058 copy

I forget that Sage used to bend over, stick her booty up and then peek thru her legs to say hello!

Connor smile

This is….CONNOR! Cooper looks sooooo much like him!


Sage was 11 months old in that one. sigh.


Sage was 2 days old in this one. {tearing up now}


Connor…that one was taken the summer he turned 1. WHERE HAS THAT BOY GONE?!?!

And I will put one of Cooper because my heart can’t take much more of these old pictures {since really they aren’t that old and my babies are all growing up so fast}

1 week old

My sweet fuzzy, furry little boy.

I need a kleenex.


  1. How beautiful these kids are! and yes, they are growing up way too fast!

  2. Look at all the sweet baby P.'s.