Friday, February 4, 2011

The rest of the story…

Bill arrives at the hospital with the glove. The Dr. tips the glove over and “plop” out drops the tip of Paul’s finger. In perfect condition. Well as perfect as a detached finger can be I suppose.

Bill also asks if I would like him to take any of the kids home. DEAR LORD—Thank you for sending this wonderful family to be friends with us! Uh—I mean, that would be great. It’s the two-year-old that is causing the most crankiness to come out in me. She was just being herself. In a loud sort of way. So I go out with Bill and give him a couple of carseats. Wow. Yeah—he brought up Paul’s finger and he’s taking some of the kids home too? Whatever we can do to pay them back for this extraordinary amount of help they have given us…we will do.

I go back in and the Dr. is getting the stuff ready to stitch Paul’s finger back on. He cannot believe what a clean cut it is. And that the finger-tip is in great shape. So he sews. Paul is telling him how everything went down.

I will tell you because I am sure you are wondering how in the heck he cut the tip off of his finger. He was using the snow blower. He let off the safety bar—which kills the engine on it. The snow blower was packed with snow. So he put his hand in the shute (where the snow comes out of) and the blade was still spinning. No—the engine wasn’t on. When you let off the gas pedal in your car does the whole thing immediately stop moving? No—inertia. *

  • inertia: tendency of a body to remain at rest or in motion unless acted upon by an outside force

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So…lesson learned for Paul. Don’t put your hand in something that has been moving until you are positive it has stopped. He kind of laughed and called it his dumb___ moment.

After many, many stitches…the tip was sewn back on.

As far as healing…it probably won’t take. But it could. But it might not.

We had to to go to the plastic surgeons office on Thursday. They unwrapped the dressing and…it is looking pretty good actually. Paul goes back in a week for another check on it. They re-dressed it and gave him directions on proper care.

So….it could’ve been so much worse.

How did Paul look on Wednesday (the day after the incident)?


Like Paul.

Oh—I did take pictures of his finger at the surgeon’s office. He told me to. But I won’t post those. No—they are too gory or anything. But they also aren’t the cleanest pictures ever.

I am praying he heals like he usually does. Quickly and perfectly.

And with as little pain as possible.

And Paul?

Probably will never do that again. I say probably because…it’s Paul.

And you never know what he’s gonna do.


  1. Thses sound like pretty special people! Glad Paul is doing better.

  2. What a story! I noticed that Connor always seems to have his shovel when he goes outside which I think is so darn sweet!

  3. eek! glad everyone is ok! (and high-five one the super-awesome neighbors!)