Sunday, February 6, 2011

33/365 and a special cake or two!

33/365 (2/2/2011):

117 c

AKA Stormy’s birthday. And her Grandpa’s.


So we went out to dinner to celebrate two very special birthdays. Paul in his bandaged and hopefully healing finger. The roads had been plowed. It was now just bitterly cold.

I made a chocolate cake covered with buttercream frosting and chocolate syrup and cherries. Sounds good right? It was.So I heard. I actually, amazingly didn’t eat any.

Did this cake have candles?


Yes. Yes it did. You see, my father-in-law turned 65. So I had a left-over 6 candle. And a left-over 2 candle. And three single candles. So…add a few of them up. Voila. 65 for Ron.

Stormy wanted cupcakes. So we put 7 candles on one cupcake. “Magic” candles. Yep. Stormy loved that they kept re-lighting. So did Ron for three that were on his cake. Ahem.


So a very happy birthday to my sweet Stormy and her wonderful, loved more than he knows, Grandpa.


Until next year birthday buddies!

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  1. She looks more and more like you every day! So glad both birthday people had fun blowing out candles!!