Tuesday, February 1, 2011

29/365 30/365/ 31/365 32/365

Every time I say I’m not going to get behind…I get behind again. So my sincere apologies in that department. I could use that excuse of “I’m too busy,” but…don’t get me started on that. I could go on and on about the things we make time for.

So…what is the 29/365 photo challenge?

I messed up. I didn’t take any pictures. Does it count if I had someone take a picture of me and Cooper? Well…it’s my blog. My rules. My challenge. So…yes siree Bob it does count!


It was taken with a Crackberry Blackberry camera phone. Excuse the quality. I still love the picture though.


The one I am showing for this is from Paul’s cell phone. Yes, Paul took it. I LOVE IT. And I took about 140 pictures at home on the same day. Around the same time Paul was on an adventure with Connor. A buying a purse for Mom adventure. I will tell you more about that soon!2011-01-30_15-38-27_805

In the meantime…isn’t this picture really good?!?

Well, I think so.



Some real father-son bonding time going on.


Do you ever look at the backgrounds in pictures? I do. I like to see what everyone else has going on in their normal lives. In that photo you can see…Funyuns. MMMMmmmmmm….I love Funyuns. So do my kids. Stormy calls them “Fungyuns.” No, I don’t know why.There is Tide on the table. That bottle was empty and needed to go out with the recycling. But after slamming my face into Paul’s car and my butt on the driveway, that bottle didn’t make it out in time for recycling pick-up. There are a couple of sippy cups. A huge package of juice bottles. And so much more in the background. I could’ve cropped this picture but…I didn’t. That is really how my life looks a lot of the time. For example, right now my kitchen is…picked up. Only because we baked a few dozen muffins and had to clean up the mess. Now my dining room AKA office is a mess.

That was an awfully long pull-away from the blog post right?

On with it Debbie.

32/365 (2/1/2011)


If you have turned on the TV or listened to the radio or any other news source out there, you know that almost the entire country is getting hit with a huge winter storm. Yep. I live in the mid-west. We are getting hit with that storm system. We are actually in a blizzard warning. School was cancelled today. And if I had to place a bet, I would say that it will be cancelled again tomorrow. Today I have no plans to go anywhere. We are supposed to do a few special things tomorrow but…they may have to be postponed. We’ll see how much snow we get.


  1. I love the pics and I hate my Blackberry! I need a flash! Stupid phone.

  2. I love reading your blog (and Bonnie's too) and I especially love the pictures! I can't believe all this snow!!

  3. LOVE the pic against the wall - what a cool perspective! (And I love reading your blog too...commenting, I'm a slacker there, but I read it nearly every day!)