Sunday, January 16, 2011

It’s my party and I dance if I want to…

Shayne’s theme for her birthday party was baking. I had the grand idea to make chef’s hats and aprons for each party goer. Hmmm…have I mentioned that my sewing skills are minimal at best? Well…I was still sewing at 2:05. What was I sewing? The ribbon I bought for the aprons that were already made. Yep. I cut the top straps off and sewed ribbon. And a band of ribbon across the middle of the apron. Just for the pizzazz. And the chef’s hats? Umm…didn’t happen.

I did decorate though. I had spatulas hanging from the light fixtures. And potholders from the dining room lighting fixture. And other cooking utensils hanging from the mantle in the living room. The house looked cute if I do say so myself.

Let me just say that I am beyond fortunate to have had the help of my twin, Bonnie and good friend, Julie. They helped me so much with cupcakes, and taking pictures, and holding a certain Cooper that was a little in shock from so much noise! Thank you both SOOOOOO much!

The girls showed up and talked and danced for just a little bit.

And then, it was time to decorate cupcakes!



Next we moved onto presents.



And of course from presents to cake!




Shayne picked trick candles. I don’t know that she understood what that meant. She had to blow them out twice and then…Stormy poked her little head in and helped.

After signing and cake (or cupcakes rather) the girls played the Wii.

Just Dance to be specific.



It was so funny!

We finished off the party with some freeze dancing and singing.

Two hours of non-stop movement.

It was a blast!

And it happens to be 15/365 of my photo challenge.

{This was also me and Paul’s actual anniversary. We went to dinner with three of our five children at my favorite place!}

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  1. Wow! The girls look like they were having a blast!! Shayne is more beautiful every day!