Sunday, January 16, 2011

A double dose of photo challenge

Have you seen the previews for a movie that says “Double dose.”  Robert De Niro says it. I haven’t seen the movie but that preview. “Double dose.” The accent, the mood, the…whatever it is. I love it. And now for the double dose of the challenge I mentioned.

Here is the photo from the 14th. Which also happens to be the night Paul and I went out, just the two of us (and a whole movie theater) to celebrate our anniversary (our anniversary isn’t technically until the 15th).


I also mentioned in a post about going on a date night once a month and taking a picture for each date. So at the end of the year, you should have 12 photos of you and your spouse (or boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever). Wouldn’t that be nice to have more than that? Anyways- There is the double dose I was talking about. It was my picture for my 365 photo challenge AND the number one photo of the date night challenge.

I tweeted about it. The movies I really wanted to go see were sold out. Bummer right? I decided to tell Paul I could only get tickets to a “chick flick” movie. Imagine his surprise when we walk into the theater. Walk down the long hallway and head to theater #7, which is showing… “The Green Hornet”

He was truly surprised. I bought tickets for something called Fork and Screen. Two reasons.

1—we could eat and watch a movie for about the same price as if we had gone to eat and then a separate movie.

2—they are slightly more expensive(okay a lot) tickets so it should cut down on the number of kids in the theater.

Not that there is anything wrong with taking kids to the movies. I have done it a few times. BUT I wanted to be able to enjoy the movie with minimal chatter.

Man did I pick the wrong movie for that. To be honest, I had no idea what “The Green  Hornet” was about. I only found out from Paul as we were seated that is was based on comic books. That should have clued me in that the number of adolescent boys in attendance would be a high number.

And the movie experience was….still good. The kids that were in the theater were as well behaved for their age as they should have been.

The movie itself…was okay I guess. The graphics in 3D are very cool. Paul said that the movie wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great either.

So the night before our actual anniversary was still a good one.

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