Wednesday, January 19, 2011


What is different in this picture?


Pretty obvious I guess.

Sage finally is in a big girl bed. Well…kind of anyways. It is called the transitional bed. She only gets out once or twice before she stays in it for the whole night.

Yes. I know she is two and half years old. A lot of people switch their children to big beds (or toddler beds) much sooner than two. Not me baby.

My advice (unsolicited—sorry) is to leave your children in their cribs as long as possible. If they sleep good in their cribs, why mess with it? It becomes a safety concern when they are leaping/crawling/climbing/launching themselves out the crib. Not that I would know anything about that. AHEM.

Sage just started climbing out of her crib Friday night. We got the bed switched over Monday afternoon. She seems to like it. Well if her coming and saying, “Hi Momma” with a big smile is any indication.

And me? How do I feel about it? I am always sad and happy when my kids hit new milestones. I love that they are doing what should happen.Getting bigger, growing up. I am sad because it happens so darn fast.

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  1. Hope you have warned the others to keep their stuff out of her hands!! lol