Tuesday, January 18, 2011

100 random things…


1.)I am an identical twin.
2.) My mom is a fraternal twin.
3.) I was named after my father’s sister who died when she was only 5 or 6.
4.) I don’t have any nicknames
5.) I quit playing soccer when I was 6 because my twin got hit in the face with the ball and it made her bleed.
6.) I did play softball for a short period of time but something else caught my interest.
7.) Boys.
8.) The first boy I ever kissed was Chris. We were playing truth or dare.
9.) I don't know anyone famous.
10.) I was caught in the middle of a fight in middle school and the teacher was upset because he had to get off of the phone. He then replied, “And you hurt this girl.” My arm had a deep gash in it. All I was trying to do was get out of the way.
11.) I was relieved because I didn’t have to shower in PE for a few days because of the bandages.
12.) I was born in the mid-west but my mom and step-dad moved us to CA in the middle of 3rd grade.
13.) One of my favorite elementary teachers was my 4th grade teacher. Mr. DiDio.
14.) I got the wind knocked out of me on the playground by a kid known as Robert the Steamroller in elementary school.
15.) I really didn’t go to violent schools even though this survey is making me question that.
16.) My favorite color is yellow.
17.) My favorite color used to be green. Then blue.
18.) I love movies.
19.) I watch Golden Girls almost every night. It helps me go to sleep.
20.) I'm a baptized Catholic.
21.) I rode my bike into a parked van’s mirror when I was 10. My twin laughed her butt off.
22.) I laughed my butt off when my sister tripped over air and fell face first onto our orange shag carpet.
23.) We moved back to the Midwest before our freshman year of high-school.
24.) I hate humidity.
25.) I cannot stand the taste of cheese.
26.) I like pizza though.
27.) I almost gave up on nursing my oldest daughter because I was so unsure of how to do it.
28.) I only nursed her for 4 months.
29.) I nursed all my other kids 8 or more months.
30.) I have been the patient in ambulance rides twice.
31.) One was when I was 10 and got hit by a school bus.
32.) I was riding my bike and came around the corner. The bus driver was turned around yelling at the other students.
33.) I was embarrassed when the EMT had to lift up my skirt to see if I was bleeding anywhere else that they couldn’t see.
34.) I wasn’t.
35.) I did have road rash, a minor concussion, needed stitches and had bandages over my knees.
36.) The principal gave me this pink stuffed little thing that I still have.
37.) I am a very sentimental person.

38.) My mom and step-dad got divorced when I was junior in high-school.
39.) I can play the piano—only treble keys though. Bass totally confuses me.
40.) My twin and I used to be called Seek and Destroy. I would find things and she would break them.
41.) My favorite holiday is Halloween.
42.) I got my driver’s license before my twin did.
43.) Swimming in lakes and ponds is gross to me. But I will do it.
44.) I used to collect Dopey stuff.
45.) I prefer to drive.
46.) I love chocolate.
47.) I’m not a fan of most barbecue sauces.
48.) I hate cottage cheese.
49.) I had a cat when I was little that I named Debbie.
50.) I'm addicted to soda.
51.) I wanted to be a teacher for a long time. And then I had my own kids.
52.) I’ve had a few dogs (Murphy, Dorrie and Nike)
53.) I’ve been to Disneyland twice.
54.) I got glasses in 4th grade. But I only wore them if I had to read things that were far away.
55.) The month after Paul and I got married, I told him we were getting a dog or having a kid.
56.) He brought home the newspaper and started looking at dog breeds.
57.) We got a Rottweiler. His name was Valentine. Because we got him the day before Valentine ’s Day.
58.) The house we picked him up from had fire trucks outside of it when we got there. One of the owner’s dogs knocked over a candle and caught the couch on fire. The owner threw it outside. His hands were in bandages.
59.) My family used to cringe when they would hear me say “I’m bored.”
60.) I never have time to be bored now.
61.) I have never seen Star Wars
62.) Or any of the Godfather’s movies.
63.) I love romance novels. Julie Garwood is one of my favorite authors. So is Johanna Lindsey.
64.) I have dyed my hair. It ended up this weird orange color. I won’t be doing that again!
65.) I have my associates of arts degree + so many more credit hours.
66.) I want to go to nursing school.
67.) To be a labor and delivery nurse.
68.) I always knew I would have a lot of kids.
69.) I have heart murmur that I had to go to the cardiologist for when I was 15.
70.) It’s just a plain ol’ heart murmur though.
71.) I took 2 years of French, 2 years of Latin and 3 years of Spanish in high-school.
72.) I don’t remember much from any of those classes.
73.) I used to eat paste in kindergarten.
74.) I used to be afraid of guns. Now—I just want to learn how to use them.
75.) I had a few boyfriends in middle school. Jean Claude and Tommy are the only names I remember though.
76.) I have had 4 serious relationships in my life.

77.) One of those I married!
78.) I dated an older guy when I was 16. It was stupid. It was only a boost for my ego.
79.) I’m not a great cook but I do like to try to cook.
80.) I really don’t want to travel the world.
81.) I do want to go to Hawaii someday.
82.) I am the pickiest eater I know.
83.) I just realized I forgot to say the second time I was a patient in an ambulance ride.
84.) I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and had to be transported from hospital to another for an emergency cerclage.
85.) I had the flu on my wedding day.
86.) There was a trash can behind the altar for me “just in case.”
87.) I hate cats now. They have too much attitude.
88.) I don’t want any dogs anymore. They cost lots of $$$.
89.) My twin and I looked like the little girl from “Poltergeist” when we were little.
90.) I “pop” my neck all the time.
91.) School was always easy for me. Except science.
92.) I was in honors biology.
93.) I got a “C”
94.) I always slept in my classes.
95.) I love to read other people’s blogs but don’t always comment.
96.) Country music is my favorite.
97.) I do listen to some pop though.
98.) I listen to some oldies too.
99.) I can’t believe how many random things I have put on here.
100.) Thank God this is the last one. I wasn’t sure what else I was going to put.

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  1. Loved reading this one! I'm so glad you remember your cat "Debbie". Do you remember why it ran away? I do!! You and Bonnie put them on leashes and dragged them around the block!! poor little kitties!!!