Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Halfway to 2…

Yep. My sweet baby girl is 18 months old. Actually officially that was on Monday the 12th. So I’m only a few days late with this post.

So this beautiful. I mean, seriously, beautiful baby is 18 months old.

Here’s a few peeks at what she looked like on her 18 month birthday…sniff.


She has a mouth full of teeth! She loves most food. She says a few words. Mostly she repeats words.

Which can be a not so great thing (ahem).


She is fast! She loves music and to “wiggle it!” She FINALLY sleeps through the night—consistently!!! PRAISE GOD!


She is fascinated with the world around her. To see things through a baby’s eyes…I can only imagine!

I love this picture:


She was looking for the neighbor’s dogs.

This one she was cheesing for the candy I was holding over my head.


This was what happened when I didn’t deliver the candy fast enough!


So in 6 short months she will be 2. I will just enjoy each day as best I can.

Does anyone know how to slow time down a bit? I know someone that needs this to happen…

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