Thursday, April 24, 2014

been a bit…

since I last posted anything.

Longer than a bit.

I’m not going to explain it all at this very second but I will say…

I’ve been busier than even normal.

I’m watching 2 sweeties for a bit until their regular sitter is back in action. These 2 girls are so sweet!! But I’m in constant motion. All 5 kids under the age of 5 are sleeping right now, which is why I’m posting a quick little post.

We have 4 of the kids in sports right now.

Paul has been working an INSANE amount of time lately.

All to say= I’ve been busy.

The sports is what I’ll share a few pics of today.

Stormy is in gymnastics.


She loves it. I love how much she loves it.

Sage is in tee ball, soccer, and dance. She hates soccer. But I won’t let her quit mid-season. She wanted to do it, so she needs to finish it. She scored 4 goals the last game. I bribed her. Ice cream if she scored. She was grinning after the first goal. I had to think fast on how to keep her moving for the rest of the game. Cherries. However many goals she scored that’s how many cherries she would get. She has her Momma’s sweet tooth and drive when there’s a reward at the end of something you don’t want to do.


Connor is in soccer. The boy has found a sport he loves. He didn’t want to play baseball.

I may have cried over this. He is an awesome soccer player though!


Shayne is in tennis and softball. She loves both.


And here is a shot of all my darlings on Easter when I attempted a group shot.


Whatever. It’s a life photo.

So there’s a little catch-up for the day.

No promises but I’ll try to post more soon!

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