Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

So here is the before picture…


Yep. They can’t go downstairs without us.

I want to see their faces when they see what waits for them!


They were pretty happy.


Saylor got that little red car you see in the pictures. Coop got a bike. Connor got an i-Pod touch. Shayne and Stormy both got laptops. Sage got her own tablet.

Then it was time to eat before I would let them tear into the wrapped presents.



And the wrapped presents…

Shayne got: an outfit (jeans and a hoodie), a caboodle kit (she begged for one) and headphones.

Stormy got: an outfit (pants and shirts and a vest), a Rainbow loom, and a password journal.

Connor got: an outfit (Nike shirt and pants), RC-helicopter, and a Web-kinz (a camo alligator one)

Sage got: an outfit (pants and shirts), a doctor kit, and a Minnie Mouse camera.

Cooper got: an outfit, a tablet and a game for his tablet.

Saylor got: an outfit, a Baby Luv night light and a Leapfrog learning toy.


You probably picked up on the fact that they each got an outfit and two other presents.

Yep. 3 is plenty per kid. They don’t NEED anything they don’t already have.


So after opening gifts at home and some play time, it was time to head to Nanny’s (Paul’s mom).



Again, they were pretty happy. Coop got to wear his grandpa’s fireman helmet. He was over the moon. Saylor got some loving from her Uncle Eric (and everyone else as well. That’s what happens when you’re the baby).


There was a game of cards (not the normal game of cards…I can’t remember the name but let’s just say it was funny!)

Lots of laughing. And crying.

Saylor isn’t happy if I’m not there.

And of course there’s picture taking.

I don’t have everyone’s permission to post their family pictures so here’s one I  know is cool with it:


Makes my heart smile.

My whole crew.

I hope your Christmas was full of loved ones.

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