Monday, November 18, 2013

That one challenge…

So many moons ago I started a challenge.

Actually it started around this time a year ago.

Yep. Saylor’s WEEKLY photos. The last time I posted this was when she was 45 weeks old.

So did I do it?

Did I manage to take a picture of her every week special day?

week 46

week 47

week 48

week 49

week 50

week 51

I can say happily…Nope.

week 52

I didn’t miss a single one.

Also…I set a personal photo goal for this little Lovey of mine.

I wanted to take 365 pictures of her…one a day.

And I am FLOORED that I managed to…

Saylor 365

Also successfully complete that challenge!!

Some of the pictures aren’t that great.

Some are just of someone holding her and me snapping a quick cell phone image.

Actually, most are cell phone images.

But it still counts.!!

I’m also sad.

My baby is one.

I’m so happy!

My baby is one.


She’s mine.

And she’s one now.

(I’ll share more of what all has been happening tomorrow!!)

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