Thursday, October 10, 2013

Buying some time…

I met my sister at the mall to give her what I finished for a senior locker thing. Anyways…after lunch I walked around with the 3 kids for a bit. Of course it wasn’t long before Saylor needed to eat.

I wanted to let the other 2 still have a bit of fun so…the quarter rides seemed like a great idea. There’s a bench right beside so I could sit and nurse the baby while the other 2 “went for rides.”

Sage learned something new this day that she thinks is a great game.

If you put a dollar in the machine, it gives 4 quarters.

She was in heaven. She would’ve done that all day if I had let her. Alas, $2 was all I let her do.

She was thrilled she got to put the quarters in the ride also! Coop thought he was big stuff because I made Sage let him do a quarter or two as well.


So a couple of dollars was totally worth the time it took me to nurse the baby and let these 2 have fun.

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