Monday, August 26, 2013

The home-preschooled child…

Yep. One of my kids isn’t attending an actual pre-school program.


She didn’t get chosen (lottery system) for the pre-school we had picked out. I’m not too keen on the other programs in the area so…yep. She’s stuck with me.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t learning. She is one smart cookie I tell ya!




I’m pretty proud of her. She knows more than the other kids did getting ready to go into pre-school.

Pre-school is a great teaching lesson for kids. It’s also a lot of socializing. I’m not too worried about Sage’s social skills. She’s around enough other kids and is plenty socialized! Trust me.

Pre-school is also a great teaching lesson for the teacher. Which in this case is me. Finding new ways to explain things. Finding lessons in the simple every day things (counting how many hangers we need to hang up the clothes. counting how many plates we need at the table. Etc.). I’m pretty happy about all of this stuff!

So…there you have it.

My non-institutionalized pre-school learning child.


  1. On a positive note, she didn't qualify based on screenings, so that's a good thing. Apparently being a single parent makes my child "at risk" so she qualified. :)

  2. Hate that it is so hard to get into the program and that we have such limited choices other than that but Sage is a smart cookie so I know she will do great!