Friday, August 9, 2013

Super Coop and crash…

So the other day, Connor started yelling from our basement, “Coop is bleeding!!!”

Coop was kind of whining but not crying coming up the stairs. And then I look at him, he is slobbering blood everywhere.

I was trying to nurse Lovey.

Nice and convenient right?

He said a few things.

1. “I need band-aid.” I had to tell him a band-aid on the inside of his lip wouldn’t work.

2. “I need Dr. ppointment.” I had to tell him they wouldn’t be able to do much.

3. “I need medcine.” I can do that. He got some Tylenol. Poor little dude.

Here is Coopie a couple of hours later.


It looks swollen right?

Here’s another view {LOOK AWAY IF SQUEAMISH!}


Sage got him Oreo cookies because they would help his lip.

Yeah. Okay then.

I held him for different periods of time.

And then he wanted to fly.

So up, up and away he went.



Well as much as someone that is 5’1 legs can make a child fly up, up and away.


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  1. Poor Coopie...good thing these little guys are so tough!