Thursday, July 25, 2013

Home sweet home…

On our way back from the graduation we drove through Moore, OK. Where a tornado hit and took so many and flattened two schools.


Yes. We saw the destruction. This isn’t a sightseeing stop so of course I didn’t take pictures. It was heart-wrenching. So if ever you go through a place that has been ravaged by this kind of event, have some respect. Say a prayer for those that were lost and those that are left behind to deal with the loss.

If you follow me on insta-gram you may have seen this:


What Sage wanted me to see her do. Silly, silly girl.

We rushed back from my niece’s graduation because of a few things.

One being this:


Yep. We had a ballgame. And team pictures.

I also had to take a big shoot…


No—not him. But I like that picture.

I showed you these already. Yep. 6.12.13 Saylor turned 7-months-old.


And yes. I still take her picture on her actual month-iversary. It’s what I do.

Life returned to normal after our vacation.

With tons of laundry.

You may think I’m joking.

I did 6 loads of laundry on our vacation (yes. I really did). That was so I wouldn’t have so much when we got home.

Yeah. Right.

Laundry for 8.

7 days of vacation.

Now you know why I’ve been so behind on blogging!



  1. I don't say it enough - but you really are amazing.

  2. Vacations are fun.....but it is always good to get back home!