Friday, May 24, 2013

School’s out for the summer…school’s out…

A school year done...

Wow. Can you see the changes in the big kids?

Physically there are many.

They have grown taller.

I also would like to think they’ve grown wiser.

Here’s proof for one of my darlings. CHECK OUT THESE GRADES!



Super proud.

Oh—Yes I am proud of the B’s. I’m not trying to raise a straight A student. I’m trying to raise students that learn and do the best they can.

Another one of the darlings got this:


See that?


Stormy rocked it this year.

And Connor?

Came soooooo far in his reading and math. I cried when his teacher called to tell me what he has done.

Connor is delayed in academics. He’s a super smart kid and I am unbelievably proud of him.  When he’s on it? HE IS SO ON IT!

So after 11:30AM today, we have a 6th grader. A 4th grader. And a 2nd grader.

Time goes so fast when you have littles that are determined to grow up. And it is with pride and love and sadness that it goes so fast, that I get to see it all.


  1. Lots of reasons to be proud!!!!

  2. These babies are as awesome as their momma's twin ;DDDD