Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The official Easter day post…

The bunny did make a trip to our house…


The next picture is funny. See Saylor? See the pink basket on to the left of her (as you are looking at the photo?)


Yep. She snagged it.


How does one with many small children get the baskets figured out so there is no fighting?

Easy. I told them that I had a discussion with the Easter Bunny and said I wanted each kiddo to have a certain color basket and certain eggs to find. So…each kid had 6 eggs that matched their certain basket. I went down the line of colors with the number of kids.


Stormy=orange (which is why she wore all orange to bed. She wanted to match in the morning)






Something I haven’t done in many years?

I took the kids to church.


I have been church shopping for awhile now.

Which means, I do pray…at home.

But I really want to find a church that I am comfortable in and so are the kids.

So when one of our friends invited us to their church, I said sure.

I am so glad. It felt good to be in church.

After church, we headed home. Did a few pictures…


And got a big meal ready. Paul worked all night and got home around 2PM. I also invited my twin out for dinner.

The kids played and played.


It was a super nice Easter.

My kids know the reason for Easter is because of Jesus and if I teach them nothing else about this holiday, that’s all that matters.


  1. I am so glad to know you're teaching them about Jesus!!!! You have adorable children! I have 4 of my own and my husband and I are believers in Jesus! gwen

  2. Love the tissue paper instead of grass! And I have also been trying to find a church to go to, we went to one a few weeks ago and leaving the kids in the designated kid areas was a bit traumatic for a few of them so it has kinda discouraged me. Plus getting Chet fully and happily on board has also been a bit of a challenge but he did go. It is something I really want to do so I just have to get over the one not so great experience and try again. I actually found one here in town that I would like to try just have to get myself to do it!