Monday, April 29, 2013

That one picture that had a story…

I have lots of those but the one I’m referring to is this one:


Yes. That is my hand on a stick shift.


My car is not manual.

I actually do not know that many people with manual anymore.

This particular car is known as Blue Thunder in our household.

Go ahead and giggle.

Blue Thunder is Paul’s work car that normally stays at the other end. (He works for the railroad. So he takes a train from the train yard here and takes it there)

Well…Blue Thunder was at home because Paul had to do some repairs to it.

As you may have guessed this car isn’t winning any medals in any competitions.

It’s a early 90s Honda Civic.

I had to take Shayne to practice one afternoon and our other vehicles were pinned in. I had to take Blue Thunder.

So Shayne decided to take pictures.


I am proud to say that although it has been AGES since I drove a manual, I didn’t kill it once. Or peel out.

Shayne thought the crank windows were a riot. Oh…and the automatic seatbelts. And the tape deck…she wasn’t too sure what that was even about. I had to giggle at the 55mph still in bold on the speedometer.

I actually giggled a lot during this little adventure in Blue Thunder.

Oh—and much like when I learned to drive stick- shift I said, “PLEASE let me hit every green light so I don’t have to keep starting so I don’t kill it or peel out.”

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  1. I never learned to drive a stick, Chet tried to teach me once but it didn't go so well :/