Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Bunny 2013

Every year since 2002 I have headed to the mall to get a photo taken with the Easter Bunny.

Not because that’s what Easter is about.

Just because it is something…a memory if you will.

This year was no exception.

I really dislike the rule of no photos taken with any device within the parameters of the Easter Bunny. Nope. If you want a photo, you have to buy the one the workers take. I’m not upset with that fact. I don’t mind buying a photo. But $20 for the cheapest package? Yeah. A big rip-off. So did I buy a photo?

Yes. Yes, I did.

It’s what I do after all.

And I asked the workers politely if I could snap one of the Easter Bunny with just Saylor since it was her first Easter and all…AND I was buying their photo anyways. They grudgingly said yes.

What photo did I ask to snap?

This one:


My darling with a bunny on her booty while a bunny was holding her.

And since I can’t share the photo of the kids with the bunny (until I purchase the copyright to it)…here’s a couple we shot right outside of the bunny setup.


Ah. My darlings.

Another tradition of Easter Bunny photo taking…complete for one more year!

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  1. Fun....we don't usually go see the bunny, definitely a great tradition to have!