Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adventures on Ice.

So in all of my infinite wisdom, I decided to take the crew downtown to a Disney on Ice show. Not entirely an adventure. Except, it was me and six kids. And it was downtown. To most that may not be a big deal. It’s huge for me. I don’t know my way around down there AT.ALL.


It was a special treat for the kids.


Not only was taking them to the show a special treat, I also bought one bag of cotton candy that had a hat with it. For $10. One little bag and a hat. A total rip off. But the kids were so happy.


The show was pretty neat. I have to say though…two hours is about a half-hour too long for most of the kids in attendance. And the little sweetie that spilled her Icee down the bag of my pants at the beginning of the show..that was awesome. I’m glad it was only about two spoonfuls though. It was pretty chilly.


I’m super glad I took the crew to see this show. It was out of my comfort zone since I dislike driving downtown. But the crew liked it. And that’s what makes me happy.

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  1. Awesome mama, not sure i'd brave it alone with my crew!