Monday, February 25, 2013

Hair, Hair and more hair.

Hairy posts.

Who knew such a thing wouldn’t be as gross as it sounds?

So Shayne has been my child that likes to experiment with her hair.

My preference is long and natural for my girls.

BUT as I have said numerous times, I like to let the kids have their own freedom of expression…to a degree. Hair is one thing I can do this with. (let me add that even with hair I have limits.)

Again…Shayne Emily and her need to change her hair.

She wanted red. So we did red. And left it that way for a little while.


Then she decided she wanted to go back to normal.



I said sure.



And then she has been begging for short hair again.

She is my only child that can pull off short hair or long hair. She has the face for it.

Again…I like it long.

She likes it short.


So I said sure.


She is beautiful either way.


Don’t you think?

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  1. Love all the fun stuff Shayne does with her hair!