Friday, January 11, 2013

A Mom…A Mom…A MOM!!!!!!!!!!

I became a Momma 11-years-ago exactly at 2:36PM.

It has been an amazing eleven years.

Shayne Emily was born after a crazy long labor…with no epidural.

AND OH MY GAWD did it hurt.

Like pain that still makes me clench up a little.

And it was completely…and totally…worth it.

She was a beautiful baby…not being biased. She really was. Round. Pink.Perfect.CCF01112012_00005

She is a beautiful young lady now.


She’s funny.

028 (3)

She’s kind.


I am honored that she calls me Mom.

060 (2)

Happy Birthday Shayne Emily.

Happy Made me a Mom day to me.

I couldn’t love you more.


  1. This post is just too sweet...kinda like momma and daughter!

  2. Yep! Definitely worth all the pain....being a mama is the best....EVER!