Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Visitors and misc.

Just wanted to post a few (or a lot) of photos of some of the people that saw/met Saylor very soon after she was born. I also want to add, if I missed your photo with the baby…I’m sorry. I’ll get you sooner or later my pretties.

First…my Dr. M. She has delivered 4 of my 6 darlings. We love her!


Two of the nurses. The one on the left was my L/D nurse, Faith. The one on the right was transition nurse, Allie. Both are amazing nurses! I’m lucky that they were my nurses for the big day!


Because I haven’t put many pictures of a person that was there through everything…

Daddy and Saylor


Some littles that were so excited they could hardly stand it?







My best friend, who has been at the last 3 deliveries, wasn’t at this one. She was so happy for us. Paul kept her posted via texting the whole time I was in labor. It was kind of funny. I’m blessed to have her in my life and even more so that I can call her a best friend.


This one was the night Saylor was born. Paul has been saying he didn’t sleep that well. Probably not…but that didn’t stop his snoring.


Paul’s Mom, Penny…aka Nanny for the grand-kids. She was in the l/d suite until 10:30AM when I got my epidural. She was watching the monitor and knew exactly when my contractions were…and how strong. And everyone got quiet while I did deep breathing through them.


Bill and Saylor. He was the first one officially that held the baby besides family. He is a baby hog from what his family tells me.


Julie…another one of my dearest friends and Bill’s wife. They both are the kindest people and treat my kids like their own.


My twinkie and her next victim. Hold on Saylor. Your Aunt Bonnie is crazy about you and just plain crazy!


This is Kelly and Ben. I love that Ben is taking a picture of Kelly holding my little missy. They got to see my baby turn purple when the pediatrician was there checking on her.


My neighbor’s, Martin and Joy. The best neighbors!!


I missed a few people! Eric and Jen. Leslie. Carrie. Ron and Linda. I wonder if Paul has any pics on his cell…ACK. It’s gonna make me crazy. Again…if I missed you (and Paul doesn’t have any pics…) I’ll get you my pretties…and a picture of you holding my pretty!


  1. She is obviously already very loved....just as all babies should be:)I'm glad I got to meet

  2. I don't tell you often enough how lucky I feel to be their aunt. They are all amazing little people.