Sunday, November 11, 2012


is the last full day of pregnancy for me ever.

I know I am done having babies.

It’s kind of…a weird feeling.

Knowing that this is it.

I’m almost…grieving the fact that I will never be pregnant again.

It’s weird.

But I’m not going off the deep end crazy.

I’m just trying to express my feelings about this.

In the least dramatic way possible. {even if this post seems drama filled}

In the same way when a part of your life changes and you know you will miss what has been…

I have been having little ones for the last 10 years.

Imagine your life without something you have thoroughly enjoyed for a huge amount of time.

It’s just…odd.

Yes…I will miss all of the pregnancy stuff. Well…almost all of the pregnancy stuff.


In the same way that I will miss the last 10 years of my pregnancy filled life…I’m also looking forward to the next phase.

On this gloomy and getting colder by the second, last day of pregnancy what am I doing?

A lot of…relaxing.

Enjoying the day (mostly) with my littles and Paul.


Trying to decide if I want to paint my toenails or run and have someone else do them.

I’m enjoying all the kicks and hiccups and rolls from my sweet baby that has occupied my body for awhile now.

Tomorrow morning…

she will get to occupy everyone else’s hearts and hands.

And I will smile knowing…I had her to myself the longest.


  1. I will be thinking about you tomorrow, can't wait to meet her! And I know how you feel, after 5 or 6 pregnancies it's hard knowing it's over:(

  2. I kinda wanted to cry...good post Debbie ♡ it!

  3. I kinda wanted to cry...good post Debbie ♡ it!

  4. Ok...getting teary-eyed here. BTW, you are AMAZING!

  5. I know Sissy. I understand the sad and sense of loss. But look what we get for the rest of our lives for all your hard work? Amazing little people.