Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Challenge Week 47

11.18.2012—I’m not sure why she’s making this face…but I love it anyway!


11.19.2012—Sage’s last little dance class. We got to see her “perform.” I will show more in a post all its own!


11.20.2012—This was the first time I ever let Sage actually hold Saylor. The look on Sage’s face makes me so happy.


11.21.2012—This was at our attempt to get a good Christmas card photo of all 6 of our darlings. The big kids were ahead of me. Shayne is holding Saylor. And Stormy…check out her feet…The girl has a zest for life that most can only dream of.


11.22.2012—6 reasons for me to be thankful!


11.23.2012—This has been the biggest surprise to me. Connor likes to check on Saylor a lot. He’ll rub her leg and say, “It’s okay Saylor.” How sweet is that?!?!


11.24.2012—Little dude passed out in his high chair. So I let him nap there. It’s so not worth the fight of getting him out of the chair and then trying to get him to nap upstairs.