Sunday, November 4, 2012

Challenge Week #44

10.28.2012—Not a bad pic for a cell phone. Actually…Most of the photos I post are from my cell phone!


10.29.2012—I was going to go over whose pumpkin was whose. The one on the far left {Cyclops with one tooth} Connor. The S one is Sage’s. The middle one with one square eye and one circle eye is Stormy’s. The #6 is for baby #6…making her appearance soon! The pumpkin with the pointy teeth is Shayne’s. The C is Cooper’s.


10.30.2012—At the middle school, they had drug awareness week. This day was crazy hair day for Shayne. So we put a bunch of hair ponies in and a little blue hair gel.


10.31.2012—Pretty Stormy before school.


11.1.2012—Yep. Two of my littles color all.the.time. I have a separate post for what she did to him right after this. Poor Coopie.


11.2.2012—Ice maker=broken=me=Sad smile 


11.3.2012—This was at Home Depot. We only had 4 of the darlings with us. They love to color at this little table whenever we go there. So why not?


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  1. Owen's football uniform was the same color as Conner's!