Sunday, November 18, 2012

A day…

As I have done with all of my other kids…here is the story of the day our sixth baby was born…

Let’s rewind to the night before the BIG day. I really wanted my toenails painted, but I can’t reach. What’s a hormonal, almost ready to deliver Momma to do? I ask Paul. BUT…he stinks at it. It’s after 9PM so no salons are open. I make a call.

“Are you serious Debbie?”
“Yes. Please. I want them done before tomorrow morning.”

My twin. The other half of my soul. The chick that makes me crazy. Also…we are there for each other in any way we possibly can be.

She comes over and paints my toenails for me.

They look great.

I set my alarm for 5 and 5:30AM. I got up before that because two of the other kids came into our room. When Sage came in at 4-something I just got up and started getting ready. I let Paul sleep until 5:45ish.

We got all ready…I had the bags packed. We also get the kids up WAY before they need to because I want to tell them bye.

Paul’s sister gets to the house right before we need to leave. She has the pleasure of hanging with our peeps for the next couple of days. I love her dearly for this. Well…lots of things but on this day…this tops the list!

So…here I am. In all of my belly glory. Last morning for pregnancy pictures. Exactly 39 weeks.


We got to the hospital {mostly} on time. It was 7:03AM. I filled out a few remaining pieces of paperwork. I get called back by L/D nurse, Faith at 7:40ish.

The lovely gown…


My Dr. came in and broke my water at 8:13AM. THAT was kind of painful. The nurse was pushing on the top of my big belly to keep baby low and Dr. M was trying to push up on the belly to get the bag to break.

I had already been contracting but not close together.

The pitocin helped that problem though.

It was no time before I looked like this:



IMG_9416 -for blog

The contractions were getting closer…and closer…and burning…and burning.

At 10:30AM…I got the epidural. I was dilated to 4-5cm.

Within a very short time…as in an hour and a half, I dilated to 10. Paul thought my shaking body was funny. It’s not. It’s transition.

Even with the lovely epidural (which I personally recommend) I could still feel…a lot. But not the burn of the contractions. They felt more like…cramps.

So…12PM fully dilated…room full of action…and…me.

At 12:06PM…our girl. Our beautiful baby, girl…made her entrance. With her cord wrapped tightly once around her neck.


With a head so round, the nurses said she looked like a C-Section baby.

With minor bruising on her little face because she was born so fast.


And just like that…we are in love all over again.

Wanna see more photos?



One more of me with the baby. I look…horrible. Like…chins galore. BUT it is a perfect representation of how I was feeling…


Thank you God. For this sweet little blessing. We couldn’t love her more.


  1. So happy for you!!! God is so good!! Gwen

  2. A great birth story, love reading those. She is beautiful and perfect in every way!

  3. Love, love, love this post almost as much as I love you and the babies!

  4. Even gooey and gross she's still beautiful. Saylor looked cute too. J/K :)