Friday, November 9, 2012

7 hearts and one bear

For each one of our children we have gone to Build-a-Bear and made them a bear…before they were even born.

Yep. Paul and I went in there before we had Shayne and made her a bear.

It has two hearts in it. One from me with a wish. One from her Daddy with a wish.

When Stormy was coming along…it was 3 little hearts with 3 wishes.

And Connor’s bear has 4 hearts in it.

You get the idea right?

So…of course we went to Build-a-Bear and made this sweet baby a bear. WITH a heart and a wish from all of us.

Shayne wished for “her to be smart and pretty like me.”

Silly, pretty girl.

Connor wished for her to come soon.

All the kids got to help stuff the bear I chose.


I finished the stuffing. With a wish on the little heart I squeezed into that bear.

I wished for her to be healthy and happy always.

After that, the kids got to brush the bear out.


It wasn’t long before the fighting over the bear ensued.


We named the bear after the owner…

Put a pink tutu on it and cruised on out of the mall.

Oh—what does the bear look like now?

I’ll show you when the owner of the bear makes her appearance also!

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