Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This and that…

So…how’s my list going?



Yep. That is an updated list. If you see the red…that room is done!

Except for the regular chore part of that room I should say.

I said I would show you what Shayne did to Coop at his party…

She took him into the bathroom.

There was a lot of giggling.

She also took the face paint in.

Yep. This is what she did to Coop:


He was happy that she was playing with him.

We have gone to a couple of pumpkin patches. I’m still editing a few of those to share.

Here is one SOOC {Straight out of camera} from the second patch we went to.


I will set up one of the visits to auto-publish tomorrow.

I will be at the hospital in the morning for cerclage removal. If you feel so inclined…think happy thoughts for me please. I’ve done this before a few times…but I still get nervous.

That’s it for now!

I will update via twitter how everything goes tomorrow.

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  1. You've made great progress. I will see you soon and will be praying all goes well tomorrow.