Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Challenge Week 41

I haven’t been very good about posting lately. I am around though! That nesting list I showed you? Yep. I’m happy to report, despite my husband’s dislike of it, things are getting done and scratched off!

Besides the list…lots of other stuff has been going on. Lots. But for now… let’s see how I’ve done with my challenge.

10.7.2012—I just hate tying my shoes right now. If someone else is around, {Paul or Shayne} I ask them to help tie them.


10.8.2012—Shayne used her money to buy herself these boots. Well, she used half of her money. I told her I would get them for her in a couple of weeks if she would be patient. She didn’t want to wait. So I told her if she didn't want to wait, she could pay for half. That was the choice she made.


10.9.2012—My bathroom cabinets before…the after is pretty cool I must say.


10.10.2012—I went to the gas station and Shayne begged to clean the windows. Weird kid of mine.


10.11.2012—I went to Sonic. Sage wanted to pay for me. I wouldn’t let her. THEN she tried tipping the car hop her $10 from her wallet. I had to convince her to just tip her $1 with my money. I love the idea behind what my darling was trying to do.


10.12.2012—Shayne wanted blue hair for school on Friday. Blue streaks I’m okay with. So…with some blue hair gel, we both win.


10.13.2012—Been awhile since I missed a day huh? Well…here is a miss.

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  1. When do we see the "after" pic of the bathroom cabinets? You are an amazing woman with an amazing family!