Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Challenge Week 39

Before I show you what I have…let me go through some heartbreak over what happened.

I plugged in my cell phone, like I usually do and transferred the photos and videos.

And then I deleted them off of my cell phone.

I did not check to make sure they had transferred to my computer…which I normally do but since I had done the same thing many times before…it shouldn’t have been a problem.

Here’s me when I open up the My Pictures folder.

“Houston. We have a problem.”

They didn’t transfer. And I had done a shift-delete. Which means…

the photos that I had taken for the last 2 weeks…gone.

I know. Only two weeks.

Connor’s first two flag football games…gone.

Stormy learning how to do a backwards somersault on a flat surface…gone.

The silly expressions from Sage and Coop…gone.

I have tried 4 different recovery software's.

I did recovery other photos…that I already have.

So…my heart is a little sad that I did a hard delete without checking to see if everything would be okay.

It will be eventually. I’m still bummed I lost those 104 images. But…life happens.


9.23.2012—this was from a photo shoot I did. Aren’t the eyes to die for?!?!


9.24.2012—Coop doing…I’m not sure exactly. But at least he’s cute.


9.25.2012—Stormy at her gymnastics class.


9.26.2012—So sad.

9.27.2012—My girl before a school concert.


9.28.2012—reading to me…a book I read to her when she was in first grade about a 100 times because she kept checking it out during library…that Connor checked out during library time.


9.29.2012—so, so sad.

So…will I do a shift-delete again without verifying everything to be okay?


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