Monday, August 20, 2012

Challenge Week 33

8.12.2012—This picture…it is a huge chunk of what a big brother and little brother relationship is. Little brother sees big brother playing with something he wants. Big brother doesn’t want to part with it. Little brother cries…and looks pitiful.


8.13.2012—First day of school and while outside taking pictures of Stormy and Connor, Coop ran up to the door and said cheese. Seriously.funny.


8.14.2012—I was sitting on the floor. I’m not sure why Sage was sitting the way she was. I love the angle though.


8.15.2012—Ah…my heart smiles looking at all of them.


8.16.2012—Coop was reading Goodnight Moon. Only because he had me read it to him like 10 times right before this picture.


8.17.2012—This one…I was at the post office. Coop had my phone. And Sage got in his face. She kinda looks like the girl off the Exorcist movies in this picture. A little creepy right?


8.18.2012—Neighborhood barbeque. We are very lucky to live in a neighborhood like the one that we do.


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