Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A good Daddy…

I don’t give Paul enough credit.

He is a good Daddy.

He loses his temper too quickly sometimes.

Me too.

He says things that aren’t always appropriate.

Me too.

He has a different approach to teaching our children than I do.

That’s normal though from the Yahoo! articles I’ve read.

He’s doing a great job of leading by example in a few departments.

The one I want to touch on is this one:


Yes. That is my sweet 22-month-old under the truck with his Daddy. It’s not something I’m entirely comfortable with. What if Coop bumped his head?


According to Paul: “He’ll duck next time.”


What if he touches something that he shouldn’t?


According to Paul: “That’s how he’ll learn.”


He’s right. I guess. It’s hard being a super protective Momma sometimes.

Other times I get to catch moments like this:


And yes…Sage did get to be involved too. Paul doesn’t leave the girls out of the garage stuff. If they want to learn it, he is more than happy to teach them. So far Sage has learned what exactly?


That she likes the creeper.

And Coop?


likes his Daddy.

Me too.


  1. I didn't grow up with a great dad, so that is one of the things i'm so grateful to have for my kiddos.....is one incredible daddy! Sounds like you are blessed in that department too....and mine tends to lose his temper and say inappropriate things sometimes too but all the good he does sure makes up for it:)