Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gender reveal…IT’S A …………………



Of course it’s one or the either.

The decorations turned out so cute. I used stuff I had! Boy and girl onesies! Easy!!2012-07-14_12-59-59_918

One more view:


Other decorations {that I didn’t take any pictures of were the blankets we hung! so here is a picture of a couple of my friends that you can see the blankets in the background}.


A few more friends… I’m sorry I didn’t get pictures of everyone. BUT…a huge thank you to those that came. It means more to me than you can know.


The cake…My best friend had someone make the cake.


So how exactly does the gender reveal work? At the sonogram, we asked the sonographer to put a picture of the baby’s “area” in an envelope (actually 2 envelopes so we couldn’t see through and she put a sticky note over the “parts”). We explained we were doing a gender reveal party and we didn’t want to know until then. Yes. This envelope:


So we left the sonographer’s last week and went straight to my friend’s house. I knew I wouldn’t have the self-restraint to NOT peek if I didn’t get the envelope out of my hands! She (my best friend) also didn’t peek.

So until today…the only people that knew what our baby was were God, the sonographer, and the lady that made the cake.

So…what happened when we cut into the cake?

The diaper was chocolate.

Dirty diaper.

Funny joke on me.

So…what did I think the baby was?

A boy.


I swore it was a boy. So did Paul. So did all the other kids. Except one.

I had said a couple of times, if God asked me what I wanted, I would say…a healthy baby regardless of what I choose? I would say girl. Why? They are more fun to shop for. BUT…then…a boy. I have two sweet as pie Momma’s boys, that I love with every fiber of my being. How could I not want another boy?


So I was convinced…boy. I even did the Intelli-gender test. It said boy. I knew I was right.

So for the party…I wore a blue dress…but just in case I was wrong…I wore {ahem} pink underclothes.

How could I be wrong? I’ve birthed a few babies. I know what’s what, right?

Is the suspense killing you?


Okay…I’ll tell you…


2012-07-14_18-53-49_774 2012-07-14_13-25-40_913IMG_4756

Imagine my delight {and shock and tears of joy} when I cut into the cake and saw all that pink?!?!

Thank you God.

I would’ve been just as happy with a little boy.

But I’m ecstatic we are having…







  1. So happy for you! I think Shayne was a little disappointed but I'm sure she will be fine when the little lady is born!

  2. Awwww congrats! I almost guessed girl since the 4 kids I have the same age as yours are also the same gender and since were having a girl..... but I was thinking boy! I love the cake, sooo cute and there is some seriously cute baby girl stuff out there right now! Sooo congrats...maybe her and Kinley will grow up to be little friends!

  3. So happy for you!!! Wish we could have been there. If by chance we have another baby, I am doing on of these parties! So fun!