Sunday, July 1, 2012


The upstairs is clean now…Bathrooms too! Beds are made. Laundry is one wash load away from being done. The kitchen is another story. As is the basement, living room, office/dining room, and car (yes…I like to have a clean car but that doesn’t happen as often as I would like).

I am planning on taking the kids to the pool after nap today. AS LONG AS THE STUFF IN THE HOUSE IS DONE.

I know. Mean Mommy.

It drives me crazy to leave the house a complete disaster knowing I will come home with more stuff to take care of. And since we are going to the pool, I will be coming home with 6 wet bathing suits, 7 wet towels, empty cups to clean, and pool toys that need drying.

Does anyone else feel like this?

I read that American children are some of the most spoiled kids on the planet.

That frightens me.

Kids are being raised thinking that they can do whatever and whenever.

Not in my house.

Chores are a must.

Do I pay them an allowance?

Yes. I do.

Before any judgment calls are passed on that…how much do you think kids should make?

My kids have friends that make $20 and up per month for a couple of weekly chores.

My kids can only dream of a couple of weekly chores and $20.

My kids make $10 per month. Not Sage. She doesn’t do enough to make money like that but she does get $1 to buy something little. Yep. A whole $1.

What do they do for the $10?

A lot.

Make beds…help clean bathrooms…put laundry away…pick up…empty dishwasher…help gather trash…help vacuum…

And anything else that I ask.

I am their mother. NOT their maid. They are old enough to help. Well…yes…even Coop. When we are in his room putting his laundry away, I open the right drawer for him and hand him his pajamas and tell him to put them in there. He is so happy to help. No they aren’t folded. And I don’t care about that. He has the basic idea that is what we do with clean clothes from the basket.

My big girls will ask if they can earn more money by doing a few extra things…

changing Coop’s diaper.

I don’t ever ask them to do the stuff that Mommy should do.

No…they don’t cook over a hot stove.

But they do like to help occasionally.

And that is great. It’s bonding time and learning time.


Likes to help his Dad. He HATES chores. But he does them. He just used his own money to buy a Lego set he wanted. He is sad that he is out of money now. He asked me to to go to the bank and get him more.

My response?

Not without chores. And in two weeks, you get paid $5 (yes…they are on a bi-weekly pay schedule).

So…there is the longest post about something that has been on my mind.

How do you handle chores/kids/allowance without raising spoiled children?


  1. Your kids are perfect and you are doing it all right!!

  2. My big kiddos can earn up to $5 per week but that requires quite a bit from them to earn it. And we are getting ready to open them all up savings accounts with $50 each and then they will be required to put half of all their money into it....hoping to teach some financial responsibility! I agree kids are way to spoiled these days, I am amazed by some of the things I see kids get away with....things that would never happen with my kiddos. No means No in my house...they can cry, whine and throw a fit and it won't change a thing except maybe get them in bigger trouble, I see lots of kids throw fits these days and then see their parents give in...absolutely ridiculous if you ask me!!! And I am the same way with the must be picked up FIRST!