Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer list…

This summer the kids and I came up with a list of things to do.

Here is a sample:

1. Go to store and buy flower to plant

2. Go to park and feed ducks

3. Go to library

4. Stay in pj’s all day and watch movies

5. Go to zoo

6. Run through sprinkler’s

7. Play with Play-Doh

8. Go bowling

9. etc.

You get the idea right?

Why did we do this?

Because I hear this phrase, “I’m bored. We never do anything!”

And then I cringe and take a deep breath before I start pulling out my hair and throwing a tantrum.

The never do anything's drive me crazy.

I never get to drive to all sorts of parks for ballgames. I never color with them because they ask. I never read the same story seven times in a row because they ask.I never take them for ice cream just because I can. I never chase a toddler around for two-hours at the pool so they can have a blast. I never surprise them with dinner at the park. I never let them pick out one special treat from the $1 section at Target for good behavior. I never


Get the picture?

We have done a few of the things on our list. Yesterday was a first for all the kids for one of the things.

Before I show you what it was (in a post set for tomorrow)…what sort of things do you have on your summer list?


  1. My kiddos say the same thing, yesterday was a rough day so we added help mom clean to our list....but we have some of the same fun stuff on our list. I don't know when your planning on going to the zoo but the last week of June the zoo is open until 8pm so you can see some of the animals more at night, I think were going to check that out. And i'm excited to take them to legoland and the sea aquarium!!!! I think they enjoy the little outings more than they or I would a big vacation! And of course lots of time at the pool!!!!

  2. I am very fortunate that my kids didn't say we never did anything or they were bored (at least not that I heard). And truthfully, we didn't do anything much except go to Worlds of Fun. Times all turned out great!!! I know your babies love you soooo much!!

  3. Debbie said she was bored Mom...and would make all of us suffer for it. How'd you forget. It was traumatizing.