Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dear House,

Right now there is so much to do around you. You need a cleaning. Like, a dig deep down to bone cleaning.

But I don’t want to.

Right now you need picking up.

But I don’t want to.

Right now you need new carpet in most of the house.

But that is going to cost a lot of money!

Right now you need hardwood floors to be refinished.

But who has the time for that?

Right now you need a new light fixture in the laundry room.

But I haven’t decided what I want in there.

Right now you need the ceiling fixed where the water leaked.

But I’m unsure of this whole process.

All of those are things that need attending to.

But house…right now you are full of life.

Bursting at the seams with kids and toys and laughter and love and arguments and snacks.

A little boy that toddles around like a crazy person now.

A little girl that thinks she doesn’t have to pick up anything.

A little boy that has tractors and DSi games and XBox.

A little girl that is t-total slob.

A little girl that wants her own room but there just isn’t room here.

A little baby still living in it’s first home…me.

So…right now there is plenty to do but I’d rather enjoy all things that are temporary.

The little boy that toddles everywhere is getting into everything.

The little girl has been quiet for some time so that can’t be good.

The messes can wait. The babies cannot.


The lady that will clean you. Soon.


  1. Love this! Sounds just like my house....down to the needing new carpet and the ceiling with water damage (although my hubby tried to fix ours and it doesn't look much better than it did with just the water damage!)But I feel the same way.....we do what we can when we can but the babies come first:)

  2. Good to know you have your priorities right!! Kiddos always come first!!!