Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring break was ROUGH

So the first day of spring break was spent at a children’s hospital for Shayne:


Two days later, we were at an urgent care for another member of our family.

He may have survived his cold but he was not going to survive me.

He is the biggest baby when he’s sick.

In his defense this time though, he really did look bad:


That is what influenza looks like on a 35-year-old man.

Have you ever been tested for the flu?

It involves a large cotton swab, your nose, and brain.

Just kidding. Not your brain.

After urgent care, we got some major meds (Tamiflu and Z-pack). The next day?

He was back to normal.

Thank God.


  1. Your household is never dull.

  2. Bonnie is right. Glad Paul is feeling better. It would have been bad had he not been able to help during the break!