Monday, March 26, 2012

Missed holiday.

The second day of our little vacation without the kids was 3.17.2012.

St. Patrick's Day.

I’ve NEVER been away from my kids on any holiday.

How would a picture of them in their holiday wear happen??

Because I asked my twin to make sure to get them all together in their green for a picture.

She knew how important it was for me.

So a text I got…after a few texts trying to figure out where the proper attire was.

saint pattys day 2012

It made me soooo happy to see this.

How could that green not be good luck for anyone?!?!

My lovely little lucky loves.


  1. They are adorable! Bonnie did a great job!

  2. Your little leprechauns are very hard to catch and I love them very much.