Friday, March 30, 2012

Have you figured out where Paul and I went?

Here it is:


Yep. The one and only…Mall of America.

In Minnesota.

So why there?

Because I wanted to.

Simple enough right?

I’ve never been and neither had Paul sooo…that’s why.

It is an amazing mall with more of everything than you can imagine. I will suggest you not go on Saint Patrick’s Day if it falls on a weekend. It was cRaZy busy. Or…maybe it’s always like that.

There were a couple of musts that we had to do.

We did the Sea Life aquarium (which I showed you already).

I also wanted to check out the roller coasters. 

Yes.  There is a theme park in the middle of this mall!

IMG_1909 IMG_2015 

No..we didn’t go on any of the rides. But it looked very fun for the kids.

We didn’t eat at the next place but I couldn’t resist having Paul pose!


Remember what movie that is from?

One of the musts to go to was this:


Know what it is?

Here’s a head on picture:




Now let me say before I show you more pictures…you have to see this in person to fully appreciate it.

It doesn’t look big in the picture…it is over 2-stories tall.

Robot lego land copy

I put it together with 3 pictures in a panorama picture.


Same for the next one:

Helicopter LeGo Land copy

IMG_2000 IMG_1954IMG_1922

Connor was so excited to see all those pictures. EVERYTHING was made out of Legos!…except for the yellow steel supports I guess. HA!

We shopped for 7 hours.

We were exhausted! We went back to our hotel (20 minutes away) and relaxed in the hot tub…well Paul did. I just sat with my feet in the water. I didn’t want to move! We also got dressed up and ate dinner at the hotel restaurant—which was lovely. The most disgusting thing ever happened to us next! As in…you wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t have proof.

Yeah…that bad.

Coming up!

(tomorrow. I know…what a stinker)