Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Funny things my kids say…

Connor got a new XBox game. It is Ghostbusters. Obviously us watching the classic movie has had an impact.
While we were watching him play it for a few minutes Shayne says, “Go find Slobber Connor!”
“You mean Slimer Shayne?”
“Yeah. That’s what I meant.”
Today is school picture day so last night…I told Shayne I wanted to tweeze the couple of hairs she has in between her eyes. She was cool with that (and I don’t really mind that she has furry eyebrows but the ones between the actual eyebrows…? She’s 10. And she notices that I pluck…anyways…if you disagree with me on this…kudos to you).
She’s in the bathroom, “Mom. Where are the pluckers?”
It sounded much different than that though. I shouted out a “WHAT DID YOU SAY?”
“The plucker things…for my eyebrows?”
“TWEEZERS SHAYNE! That’s what they are called. They are on the counter.”
Man…that was scary.
Stormy’s standing in the entryway of her room when I see her doing this weird thing with her booty.
“Stormy. What are you doing?”
“This butt dance I do all the time.”
Okay then. How silly of me not to know.
“Connor. You look sooo handsome honey!”
“I don’t look handsome. Not until you button my shirt.”
Oh. And so it begins with my son!

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