Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I was doing…

So the last post, I said I had a whole ‘nother post on what was going on in this picture:


You can probably tell it involved this:


So…who all got to paint?


Everyone did of course. Well, except Cooper and Paul.


What do the finished artworks look like? (I just had Shayne run upstairs with my cell phone and snap a picture of them)


Who did which one?

I will narrow this down for you. Sage’s isn’t up there. Hers um…is on the cabinet in the living room…hiding. I should’ve known to give her one or two colors at a time instead of all of them. What color do you get when you mix the entire rainbow? I’ll show you another time or you can try it yourself if you are dying to see it this instant!

Guesses on who did which one?

Want them to make one for you?

In the comments, just leave your guess as to who made what (1-2-3—with one being on the left. Two being the middle one and three being on the right as you are looking at the picture above)

I know! I know! I know!

Want to see what I made?



  1. Stormy #1
    Shayne #2
    Connor #3
    and yes, I want to see yours! I'm guessing all the colors mixed together give you an "army" greenish brown combo.

  2. I love all your little artists. A lot.