Sunday, January 1, 2012

A post to start of the NEW YEAR!

I couldn’t not post today. So a quick one because I need to play Just Dance 3 with my darlings…

The other day, we (Paul and the kids and myself) went out to eat.

It was a quick lunch and the kids…

behaved so well. I love moments like that.

Here are a few photos I took…

2011-12-30_12-47-54_828 2011-12-30_12-52-02_6642011-12-30_12-52-10_368 2011-12-30_12-52-30_389

And yep. I’m in one of them! (Paul took that one of course)

That is how we ended 2011 as a family. On December 30th, we went to lunch. Paul had to go to work later on that night so I am soooo glad we got to do something before the year ended!