Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not a complete photo shoot…

When I showed you Cooper’s 15-month photos I left out a few…

Some are adorable (like him!)

IMG_9554IMG_9577 edit

And then he made the gagging face:


I never want anyone to think that each photo is how the entire shoot goes…

That is unrealistic. What I show you (and almost every photographer out there) are usually the top of the crop photos. I tend to take 100+ images per shoot. I usually only like a handful!

Here are couple that I do like but they are…pitiful.


IMG_9683 IMG_9684

He HATED the hat. And the paintbrush? He likes to always have something in his little pudgy hands. And I don’t mind.

I spent most of that shoot trying to get him to let me take just ONE with the hat on.

What we ended up doing was making a game of take the hat off and Momma put it back on and take a quick picture. Which is why I showed you this:

IMG_9697 re edit

BUT when Coop was done, he was DONE.

And he cried a little. One sweet tear on his face:

IMG_9759 edit

He’s relieved he doesn’t have an official shoot again until he turns 18-months-old. Which is in April.